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SIVA Wearable Device B1 small.png

Fully automated medical-grade
continuous long-term cough monitoring

The SIVA System is a novel patient-centric and fully automated 24/7 cough detection solution, that provides longitudinal real-life cough profiles and contextual data to healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical study sponsors and researchers.

​System overview


The SIVA System combines

  • SIVA Wearable Cough Monitor

  • SIVA Core Secure Cloud

  • SIVA Smartphone Application


The SIVA Wearable cough monitor is a small device with various sensors (sound, vibrations)


  • During the day: worn around the neck on a strap at chest level during the day

  • During sleep: placed next to the bed and simultaneously charged by a charger. The sensors thus record the cough continuously.

  • Patient-centric design

  • Inconspicious (worn under cloths, friendly appearance)

  • Light-weight (30 g)

  • Small (50 mm x 40 mm x 12.5 mm)

  • Easy to wear (neck strap with magnetic closure)

  • Water-resistant (IP57)

  • Medical grade (compliant with medical device safety standards for home use, electromagnetic compatibility, usability and biological safety: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-11, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-6, ISO 10993)

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