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SIVA is the first AI-based system used in a global drug development study, providing cough profiles over several weeks.


The SIVA system was originally developed in close cooperation with drug development in the pharmaceutical industry (Bayer). Today, SIVA Health is an independent entity with full control over all related intellectual property. 
The system is now used in global drug development studies as well as usability studies and scientific studies around the world.

Our partners in the pharmaceutical industry and in research value our expertise and commitment in the field of continuous ambulatory cough measurement. We are happy to provide references.


At SIVA, we combine the relevant know-how to effectively support pharmaceutical companies in the approval of drugs:

  • clinical and scientific affairs

  • data science

  • regulatory affairs

  • quality management

  • hardware and software engineering

  • project management

SIVA Wearable Device B1 small.png


We are driven to create patient-centric solutions that add real value.

We collaborate as trusted enablers, and uphold quality and integrity.

Our communication is open, honest, and science-based.

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