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Account Deletion SIVA-MVP Smartphone Application

Our Company, SIVA Health AG, is the manufacturer of the SIVA-MVP Smartphone Application. The security of your personal data with respect to the use of the SIVA Smartphone Application is very important to us. We take the protection of your data very seriously. Personal data is all information that can lead to your identification (hereinafter “Personal Data”).

This page details the steps that users should take to request that their account will be deleted.

1. Account Deletion

To request your account and any associated Personal Data to be deleted, send an email with subject "Account Deletion" to from the email address that your account is registered with. SIVA Health will then reach out to you for confirmation and subsequently delete your account. When confirming your intent to delete your account, you may also request an export of all your stored data prior to deletion. If requested, this export will be shared with you with the confirmation of deletion. 

2. Contact Details

Please contact SIVA Health if you have any questions about SIVA Smartphone Application privacy policy, the Account Deletion procedure, and any data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights. You can reach SIVA Health’s Data Protection Officer at:

Alexander Duschau-Wicke
SIVA Health AG
Zurlindenstrasse 134
8003 Zurich


3. Deletion of Data

We collect the following data in accordance with our privacy policy:

  1. Audio data recorded by SIVA Wearable (uploaded as encrypted data, decrypted and automatically processed for cough detection, deleted after processing, not accessible to any human listener)

  2. Step counts acquired via accelerometer in SIVA Wearable

  3. Time-stamped cough event data obtained via processing encrypted audio data collected via SIVA Wearable

  4. Wearing compliance (worn hours, charging time) data collected via SIVA Wearable

  5. SIVA Smartphone Application and SIVA Wearable interaction information (number of times the SIVA Smartphone Application has been opened, number of times Bluetooth connection has been established between the application and the wearable)

  6. Responses to questions collected via SIVA Smartphone Application

  7. IP address of the smartphone with the SIVA Smartphone Application

  8. Email address used when registering you to use SIVA System by a health care provider

  9. Approximate geolocation (with reduced accuracy of 11.1 km / 6.9 miles) collected when opening via SIVA Smartphone Application


All of this data will be deleted within 5 business days after you confirm the intention to delete your account. You will receive a final confirmation by email once the data has been deleted. 

Last update: 2024-06-03

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